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June 8th, 2021

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November 2nd, 2021

Hope Kaufman


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Preservation of our natural resources is an imperative and the most important legacy we will leave for future generations. Preservation must be incentivized over development, as an economically viable alternative to private landowners. Mitigation banking, carbon sequestration incentives, and other preservation-focused economic policy needs to be at the top of any real regional planning and smart growth conversation for communities in LD23 and throughout New Jersey.
New Jersey must be positioned to lead the country in the development and deployment of green technologies. We can and must build a complete framework for economic prosperity and environmental integrity for generations to come.
We must not confuse the aims of a sportsman, or a collector, or gun use for personal home protection, and the aims of violent criminals. The dedicated hunters we know do not need high-capacity magazines, bumpstocks, and semi-automatic weapons to enjoy their sport. The basic rights afforded by the Second Amendment are not under attack, but our freedom to live without fear of violence against us and our loved ones at school, at work and at our houses of worship is.
Were we ready for a global pandemic, superstorms, hurricanes, flooding? Are we ready for the next disaster? It is time to look at our district and the state holistically to assess where resources need to be allocated in advance of a disaster. It is imperative that we understand and evaluate our regional capability in responding to crises before they happen.
It’s not solely about advocating for the diverse needs of our Community; it’s about reliably finding pathways to meet those needs. Communicating with the people we serve and being known as an effective resource to our Community. We are your boots on the ground, and we should be held accountable in our delivery of tangible and real assets that address the concerns, issues and day to day struggles of every person.
There is no justification for hate based on color, sex, religion, nationality, gender orientation, sexuality, or philosophy. Intolerance of others and it’s by-products have no place in America. We are better than that. We all must be better than that.
New Jersey’s current system of taxation is not working for anyone. The tax burden New Jerseyans face from the municipal level up to the federal level represents a deterrent to further growth of our economy and for our families. We must find common ground on tax reform and work systematically to open equitable pathways to financial security while not overburdening individuals and small businesses.
New Jersey has continually ranked as the best in the nation for our educational resources, yet we must look into whether those resources are translating into equitable outcomes. By sharing resources, we can create a promise of high-quality education for all of our children. No student should be left behind due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and every student’s promise of quality education should be fulfilled. For higher education, investing in programs that expand opportunities like Tuition Aid Grants and rethinking programs to manage debt are necessary to ensure that our graduates can stay and grow here as opposed to being overly burdened.


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