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June 8th, 2021

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November 2nd, 2021

Hope and Nick

“I am proud to support Hope Kaufman and Nick LaBelle for Assembly in LD23. Hope and Nick’s commitment to spur post-pandemic economic growth, enhance the quality of life of residents, and their support for small business is exactly what we need in Trenton.”

Congressman Tom Malinowski

Hope Kaufman


Find out more about Hope’s long standing New Jersey roots and her community involvement.


Get to know Nick, his family background, his work ethic and history of stepping up to make a difference.


Read what the priorities are for Hope & Nick in this campaign.

Hope and Nick will be your independent advocates. Advocates that are not in constant opposition with the current leadership in Trenton. Finally, our District will have a seat at the table when decisions on budgets and funding are made. We will ensure that a FAIR SHARE of your hard earned tax dollars are invested back into our District.
We need infrastructure improvements and modernization now. We will create a REGIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE RESILIENCY PLAN that meets the unique needs of our District. Solutions focused on fixing our roads, modernizing digital connectivity, growing our mass transit network, improving recreational amenities, and hardening our power infrastructure.
We will fairly and independently represent all people in our district, We will do the hard work of tackling the issues not waste time with partisan finger pointing. We will provide clear and consistent communications on how we are advocating for your needs in Trenton. We believe in PEOPLE OVER PARTY, PEOPLE OVER POLITICS.
New Jersey is warming faster than any other state in our Nation. Our District needs effective leadership on climate issues to preserve and protect the quality of our land, air and water resources. We will fight to INCENTIVIZE PRESERVATION and conservation, fighting back against industrializing our farms, logging our public forests and the taking of our land for pipeline projects.
We will streamline governmental processes from small business licensing to permitting to the DMV. Our mission is to ACCELERATE RESPONSE TIMELINES and ease pathways for businesses and citizens, saving time and money.


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